Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Andreß
Current Position University Professor (C4) for the subject of "Empirical Social and Economic Research" at the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences at the University at Cologne
Field of Work Methods of empirical social and economic research; statistics and multivariate methods; labour market research (in particular: unemployment); social and family policy (in particular: poverty)
Qualifications Diploma in Sociology (Uni Frankfurt/Main, 1976), PhD (Uni Frankfurt/Main, 1983), University Lecturing Qualification (Habilitation) for Social Research (Uni Bielefeld, 1986)
Activities Medical Sociology (Uni Frankfurt/Main, 1977-78); Social Infrastructure (Uni Frankfurt/Main, 1978-79); Medical Sociology (Uni Bremen, 1978); Social Stratification (Uni Mannheim, 1980); Methods and EDP in the Social Sciences (Uni Bielefeld, 1980-2003); Methods of Empirical Social and Economic Research (2003-to present)
  • Getting Out Of The Lower Income Bracket
  • Power in Partnerships
  • Working Poor in Western Europe
  • Database Macro-Indicators
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