Effectiveness and Effect of Support for young high-tech Businesses through Business Incubators
Researcher Prof. Dr. Mark Ebers, Dipl.-Kfm. Andreas Böhringer
Project Description The goal of the research project is to test empirically which incubator services help to enhance the success and thus the survival of start-ups and young companies. The project focuses on incubators specializing in the support of young biotechnology firms. The concept of business incubation has proven especially vital in high-technology industries, which are characterized by high financial risk and long lead times for product development and investment amortization. The study will show whether and, if so, which incubator services contribute to start-up success. The results of the study will provide institutions that aim to support entrepreneurial ventures with information on which services to concentrate in order effectively to support the successful development of start-ups.
Funding The Centre for Empirical Economic and Social Research is helping in data collection and analysis.
Data The Center supports data collection and analysis methodologically. Data collection will take the form of a large scale quantitative survey in Germany. In addition, qualitative interviews will be conducted.
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