Database Macro-Indicators
Researcher Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Andreß, Dr. Ingo Rohlfing, Hawal Shamon
Project Description Empirical research projects in social and economic sciences often examine actions and attitudes of invidual (persons) and collective actors (companies, parties, unions, organizations). The actions of these actors depend from the surrounding conditions. These are formal and informal rules and norms. The surrounding conditions are historic contructs based on earlier actions and decisions of actors. Surrounding conditions determine the incentive structure in the actor's situation. These can be (local, groupbased) rules and norms or (global, national) rules and norms affecting society as a whole.

The database meant to be developed is to cover indicators for selected institutional surrounding conditions on a national level (hence the name "Macro-Indicators"). The nation states combined into OECD will be examined. There will be a time series for each indicator for any length of time gathered since the sixties. The generic term "institutional surrounding conditions" is considered rather general and needs to be further narrowed down in the course of the project. In principle, all social subsystems are included: politcal system (including social security system), economic system (including system of work relations) as well as institions of civil society (e.g. family law) and culture (including educational and scientific system).
Funding funded by the Centre for Empirical Research in the Economic and Social Research
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