Third Conference of the European Research Network on Divorce
Fellows Prof. Dr. Michael Wagner, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Andreß
Description The conference investigates the conditions and consequences of divorce from a comparative perspective. Especially welcome are contributions which explain the level of divorce and its historical changes on a country-based comparison, or contributions which identify societal factors that affect divorce risks and the consequences of divorce for the (former) partners or their children. Up to now the European Research Network on Divorce has organized two conferences which took place at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). This year the conference is hosted by the Centre for Empirical Research in the Economic and Social Sciences at the University at Cologne.
Funding The conference is funded by means from the Centre for Empirical Economic and Social Research.
Location and Date Cologne, 2.-4. December 2004
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