Workshop on the economic and social consequences of partnership dissolution
Personen Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Andreß
Beschreibung Rising divorce rates in all industrialised countries call for a better understanding of the economic and social consequences of partnership dissolution for men, women, and their dependent children. By economic and social consequences we mean each individual’s occupation, income, housing conditions, unemployment and dependency on social welfare. During this workshop these consequences shall be analyzed by demographers, sociologists, and political scientists from different countries. This interdisciplinary and comparative approach opens up new research possibilities that have not yet been adequately tackled in the literature. More specifically, the workshop addresses the question of whether and how the institutional context of the nation state frames individual consequences of separation and divorce. It makes a difference, for example, whether the institutional setting encourages women’s labour force participation, whether the labour market provides enough opportunities for gainful employment of both genders, whether state and legal system offer rights and financial support for dependent family members, and how the kinship network operates in case of partnership failure. More generally speaking, a basic premise of the workshop is that the national configuration of family, market, and state institutions moderates the economic and social effects of partnership dissolution.

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Finanzierung im Rahmen des Projekts "Die ökonomischen Risiken von Trennung und Scheidung im Ländervergleich", gefördert aus Mitteln der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft
Zeitpunkt und Ort Köln, 2.-3. Dezember 2005, WiSo-Gebäude Raum 20
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