Workshop "Empirical Personnel Economics: Investigating the Organization of Labour within Firms"
Fellows Prof. Dr. Dirk Sliwka, Dr. René Fahr
Description Within the scope of the workshop, new empirical studies addressing various personal economic questions will be discussed; in particular, those based on company organisation data. New fields of research and questions are to be developed and future cooperative work will be initiated. Participants include, among others, Edward Lazear (Stanford), Barton Hamilton (Ohio State), Tim Barmby (Durham), Tor Eriksson (Aarhus), Joop Hartog (Amsterdam) and Nils Westergaard-Nielsen (Aarhus).
Funding The workshop is funded by means from the Centre of Empirical Economic and Social Research and the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA, Bonn).
Location and Date Bonn, 19.-20. November 2004
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